September 2016

Why I support Hillary Clinton - 1. Abortion

The 2016 US presidential race seems particularly consequential. Many of my friends have expressed dismay at the choices available for president this year. I've read and thought about this a great deal, and feel I should express what I've learned, as I've come to wholeheartedly support Mrs. Clinton's candidacy. And where better to start than with one of the trickiest issues of all: abortion.

Let me be clear: I believe the act of aborting a pregnancy is wrong - it ends a life that is just beginning. Sometimes the act needs to be taken to prevent a greater harm, but that is a hard choice for those who make it. From my religious faith I also believe sex outside of marriage is wrong. And I believe one of our great purposes here on Earth is to learn to make right choices in our lives - we need to teach and communicate the difference between right and wrong and encourage ourselves and others to choose the right. So in the case of abortion what are the steps that we, as citizens of our nation, can take that will help bring about a decline in its prevalence? Here is a short summary of why I believe electing Hillary Clinton as president will move things in the right direction. You may disagree, but I think there's considerable evidence on my side of this question. First a summary, then detailed discussion below:

  • (1) Unwanted and unplanned pregnancies have always been with us.
  • (2) Pregnancies will be aborted whatever the laws are on the matter.
  • (3) The abortion rate has declined significantly in the US since the 1980s- especially while Democrats were president.
  • (4) Hillary Clinton has particularly communicated a message of respect and love for others that should sustain this trend.