Ben Mabey on ruby integration testing

At work we've been trying to learn how to do Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), which seems to be greatly encouraged in the ruby world. We've just gotten down to installing Cucumber (mostly Lenny's doing) and getting into the question of at what level we actually want to write the features and scenarios it expects. The choice under discussion is whether to put a lot of detail into the scenario definitions and drive the development from there, or to make them closer to something the users would understand - but in that case the detail has to be somewhere, and so it gets a bit hidden in custom step definitions. Which may be a good thing - anyway, we were pointed to this nice analysis of what is useful in writing scenarios, strongly favoring the "declarative" style, i.e. briefer and friendlier to users, with the details in custom steps. Sounds good - we'll have to get a lot more practice at this to be comfortable with it though, I think...


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The rspec mailing list has

The rspec mailing list has had a bit more discussion of BDD lately - anyway, I wanted to add pointers to two descriptions I thought were particularly good:

It's all starting to make a bit more sense...