Gadding with Ghouls: adventures with Christopher W. Monckton

Since becoming a Viscount in June 2006, Christopher Monckton seems to have transformed into a climate crusader, with "Lord Monckton" heralded by conservative politicians and demagogues from Canada to Australia, even recently by the Tea Party here in the US. His first official foray seems to have been this November 2006 article in the UK Daily Telegraph, full of his characteristic pseudo-science, quickly shown to be wrong in almost every respect. July 2008 saw his "Physics and Society" article, again full of nonsense, prompting myself among many others to put some effort into showing the many things he had gotten wrong. I also responded with a shorter and more formal article to the newsletter, copying Monckton as a courtesy, a kindness which he and his associates promptly abused.

In general, Monckton's pronouncements on climate have been so ridiculous that no climate scientist or other prominent member of the climate community has wanted to even appear with him to lend him any credibility. However, this past February Tim Lambert of the Deltoid blog finally agreed to a debate - note Lambert is a computer scientist whose interest in climate is personal, not associated with his work. The resulting discussion was quite respectful - the full debate is viewable here on YouTube - and despite the Monckton-friendly audience and moderator showed Monckton exactly for the pompous clown he has become.

Now Peter Sinclair (greenman3610) has put together two brilliant video debunkings of Monckton's fantasies on YouTube, the second featuring Lambert and a great set of quotes from Margaret Thatcher, who Monckton proudly claims to have worked for in the 1980s:

Meanwhile, Professor Barry Bickmore at Brigham Young University has had a run-in with Monckton and his associate, Bob Ferguson, over Bickmore's deciphering of some of Monckton's "artful graphs". As usual, the relation between Monckton's claims and reality is between weak and nonexistent. As is his repeated claim to have some sort of membership in the UK House of Lords.

Is the man delusional, or is this all a carefully crafted act to win friends among the powerful, and perhaps pick up some expense money and travel perks along the way? New Zealander Gareth Renowden has had some fun imagining that the real problem is a vengeful manservant at Monckton manor: read the slapstick comedic details in The Case of the Missing Curry, Mycroft Monckton makes mischief, Something potty in the state of Denmark, and the most recent installment Monckton in Australia: Picnic at Hanging Sock. They really should make a movie about Lord Monckton's adventures, don't you think?


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Thanks for the plug, Arthur.

Thanks for the plug, Arthur. I was all excited this morning to read that the good Lord was going to stand in the forthcoming UK election, only to have the cup dashed from my lips when he withdrew more or less at the same time as his candidacy became public. Scrotum was gearing up for another bit of fun... Meanwhile, the Guardian account is well worth perusing -- it seems his stump speeches were to contain the following (imagine Mel Gibson in Braveheart):

Is this the Brave New Scotland that Europe's SNP poodles maundered on about? Highlandmen, arise! Vote out the snivelling SNP satraps of the stifling European tyranny! Take back your nationhood and your democracy! Vote UKIP with pride!

You couldn't make it up...

Is he actually of Scottish

Is he actually of Scottish ancestry? Brenchley seems to be in Kent - of course the Guardian article points out he lives in Perth.

No matter the inspiration, another installment in your series would of course be a treat :)

I suppose he might have an

I suppose he might have an odd Scottish gene... But his grandfather was a Tory politician, given a peerage "for services to the nation", and chose Brenchley as his "place". There's usually some local connection involved.

Scrotum is biding his time...