Middle school band concert

Rather than say much about it, I'll just let you listen. I thought it was pretty good for a 6th grade band - it's a big band too; Elizabeth loves her teacher. If you listen closely, you can here occasional exclamations from her almost-4 year-old little brother, who loves to hear her play the flute.


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Yeah they're good for 6th

Yeah they're good for 6th grade! We don't have our concerts for another month... :-)

Congratulations on a very

Congratulations on a very fine performance of FRIENDS OF FREEDOM, especially for such a young ensemble!

Timothy Loest, Composer

Mr. Loest - Elizabeth was

Mr. Loest - Elizabeth was thrilled by your comment! If you'd like to get in touch with the school, send me an email - arthurpsmith AT gmail.com - thanks