No more comments

There's been a bunch of discussion lately about comments on blogs that has made me even more convinced they aren't worth it here - so I've turned off all commenting by anonymous users.

This site had been allowing anonymous comments from the start, always moderated (none show up directly on the site). Over time the number of legitimate user comments shrank and the number of spam comments exploded - and I never put in the time to figure out how to filter that better. Part of the reason for my lack of recent posts (of course I've been pretty busy - Hurricane Sandy was especially draining here...) was every time I returned after a week, or a month, or this time about 4 months break, I would find at first hundreds then thousands, and this time over 20,000 pieces of junk added as supposed comments on stories posted here. Deleting those spam comments with the pre-installed tools was slow work as it would only let me remove 100 at a time - and I was always hoping to find a nugget of good commenting among the junk so I did faithfully scan things.

Until this time. The number was so overwhelming I resorted to a raw SQL update to delaee all comments from the system that had not been published. So - if you posted a real comment in the past 4 months here, sorry, it's gone now for good. And I'm not allowing any more - the time wasted to find good ones among the junk is simply not worth it.

There are plenty of other places on the internet to comment on what I have to say. You can let me know about your comments through twitter if you like - see the "Who" page linked at top.