Signs of Spring

Purple crocusesIt's definitely showing signs of spring here; Saturday was pure sun, and almost warm. The crocuses (right) were wide open and beautiful. I spent a while in a seemingly futile battle with my pitchfork against our huge non-composting pile of leaves. Then decided to switch to digging a garden bed, which yielded slightly more easily.

Growing up in Newfoundland, the spring garden bed dig (which often had to be repeated) never failed to uncover an interesting collection of rocks that had worked their way up from beneath. The winter freeze-thaw cycle has interesting effects on soil, something like the reverse of the roadway pothole-creation process. Mostly these were small pebbles and rougher rocks, but occasionally a monster rock would appear from below, a half-meter across, several hundred kg. Getting those out of the garden beds was certainly a fun family project. Maybe it's those old memories that make digging the garden beds my favorite part of the process.

The rock crop here on Long Island has been just a measly bunch of small pebbles, but this Saturday's efforts uncovered what appeared to be a groundhog burrow and one hibernating toad, prematurely awoken. He disappeared pretty quickly after we'd had our fill of poking him and watching him jump. Family fun in the garden, in our own way here! toad.jpg

By the way, I do love my iPhone. A camera always in the pocket, entertainment, GPS, news. And you can even talk to people with it too!