The paradox of Curry

It's hard to believe that Professor Judith Curry can spend so much time writing blog posts and not seem to have the time to make sense. I've not bothered to follow the drama in any detail, my earlier interaction with her proved rather pointless - she appeared to learn nothing from it, even repeating essentially the same provably false claims about the bare no-feedbacks response in this Scientific American profile.

Anyway, this is intended as a very brief post just to highlight some of the people who've tried to understand Dr. Curry in recent weeks, and found her claims completely without foundation, as I did in the no-feedbacks case. I strongly recommend Coby Beck's latest post getting to the essence of her conspiracy-theory mindset:

there is another plausible explanation for the formation of the IPCC, the rise in funding of climate science and the emergence of the very strong consensus that climate change is happening, human caused and going to get worse. That explanation is this: science revealed a potential problem for human society, society used its institutions to watch for and investigate this problem, honest research has found strong evidence that the problem is real and serious, and virtually all experts, using their best and sincere judgment, have advised the world that the problem is deadly serious.

No conspiracies, no alterior motives, no malfeasonce, just geeks doing science. I know it is not Hollywood material, but sometimes reality is just that dull.

More on this from the normally calm Bart Verheggen, the old Italian flag nonsense from Michael Tobis, wiki'ist William Connolley, more on the flag from James Annan, and of course the over-the-top reaction of Joe Romm to the mess.

Oh yeah, regarding my title - perhaps Curry is just implementing a form of Curry's Paradox - wherein one can logically prove anything, if a certain type of sentence is allowed to be created. Just one of those things that shows the world doesn't make as much sense as logicians think...


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It seems to me that this is

It seems to me that this is just what Curry wants - attention.

I continue to be baffled by

I continue to be baffled by Dr. Curry as well. I mean she keeps starting threads designed, seems to me, to be red meat for the usual cacophony of "skeptic" blogosphere bloviators. Do we need another CA or WUWT, really?

Actually it's interesting

Actually it's interesting that she seems to have pulled a chunk of the "skeptic" cacophony away from some of the others (Pielke Jr. just quit, for instance, and CA traffic seems to be way down). But maybe the madding crowds are just latching on to the newest brightest source of climate confusion, and this isn't any sort of improvement...