Spaghetti and not spaghetti

In late summer of 1991, Shelly and I were moving from a beloved little apartment in Bloomington, Indiana, after our first year of wedded bliss, and preparing to relocate to the big city of Chicago. All our belongings were packed up (Argonne paid for the move, even for lowly postdocs such as we were) and we just had to clear out our refrigerator, put our last personal items in our car, and head out. We had participated in a shared community garden, the apartment not really having room for all the plants we wanted to grow. On moving day we had some last peppers and tomatoes from the garden to consume, and also various odds and ends in the fridge: onion, eggs, milk, butter, probably some nuts, together with some spices and other dry goods on the counter.

Being pasta fans, it was obvious what the onion, peppers, and tomatoes would go to; we got some water boiling, threw in spaghetti, and in a separate pot sauteed the onion and peppers, sliced up the tomatoes, and made a quite tasty marinara sauce out of it all for our dinner. But what to do about the other stuff, the "not spaghetti"? We decided to just mix it all together with some flour, sugar, cocoa powder. and possibly some other mysterious ingredients we had around, bake it up, and see how it turned out.

It was delicious, and we had enough to keep us quite happy for the drive. But, not preserving a recipe, we've never had anything quite like it ever again. The only name we had for it was what we gave it from the start - "not spaghetti".

This blog is intended as a similar sort of experiment. I've tried my hand at a variety of blogging and similar writing in the past and done a lot of commenting on other people's blogs, but in each case it has been with a specific intended purpose: space, politics, books, science. And each time I've run into a sort of mental block that brought my efforts to a stand-still - I found my interests wandering off topic, to write about a variety of things for which I simply didn't have a place - so they didn't get written, and my on-topic writings essentially came to an end too.

So this blog is the place for my "everything else". I plan to post quotes from my past "on topic" comments and writings as well, but mainly I want to just have a place where, whatever strikes my fancy, I can write about it or post a note about it or just get something up there to think about and preserve it. Maybe I'll even include some recipes. But mostly this will be an eclectic and personal take on life and this world we inhabit. I hope it will include items that others find delicious too. Thanks for joining me on this adventure!